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Politics Apocalypse is a post-industrial rock, concept album available for free to download. Released under Creative Commons licenses you can copy, share and use this music freely with few limitations.

Newer individual songs:

all is NULL (2008)
The first new song following the album
Style: Very much a guitar-riff oriented rock track. Chaotic ending.
Length: 2:56

Cars (Gary Numan Cover) (2009) - Not creative commons
Just a bit of fun. This may never be on a Politics Apocalypse album. Composed by Gary Numan.
Style: Guitars and Synth.
Other influences: Gary Numan!
Length: 3:11 (shorter than the original)

I Will Rain Fire Down (2009)
I think it is obvious from within the context of my other songs, but the lyrics are written from the ironic perspective of ... well, someone else.
Style: Guitars and Electro. Aggressive.
Length: 3:46

Echoes (2010)
Style: Guitars, Electro, Industrial.
Length: 4:26

Sheep (Imrae's Questionable Remix): Imrae's Hypothetical Band bandcamp page

The remix sources for Oppressed by the Authorities can be found on legaltorrents: click here.

The remix sources for Sheep can also be found on legaltorrents: click here.

As you can see, it has been a while since the last songs were recorded -- although only just released here in 2012. I intend to eventually release some new material, but figured I may as well make these public now.


Politics Apocalypse album review by Greg

I am not a music reviewer. I do not know what instrument makes what sound. I just know what I like. So, if you will pardon my ignorance concerning these things, I would like to share my thoughts on the Politics Apocalypse CD. Oh, and I should add that I am a 43 year old male from the uSA, not a school kid.

Like many, I downloaded the free music. I listened to it on my PC and my MP3 player. I really liked what I heard. I agreed with some of the messages. I disagreed with others. I did appreciate the honesty of the music and lyrics, though. I contacted Cliffe and we corresponded for a while. He seems very genuine. I only wish that we lived closer as I would love to sit and talk with him for a while.

Anyway, I sent in my donation so that I could receive my “real” CD. I am very glad that I did. Although I enjoyed the mp3s, there is nothing like holding the jewel box and looking at the cover art while the music is playing. And I didn’t play it on my PC. I stuck it in my home audio system. I sat in “my chair” to evaluate the disc. And I was blown away. I found myself turning up the volume higher and higher. I am sure my neighbors were thrilled!

The first track, Realised Eschatology Part I: Apocalypse Now, sounds great and begins “the story” that this disc will tell. It sounded much better than what I was hearing on my MP3 player. I really started getting into the music.

Track two, Oppressed by the Authorities, kept drawing me in. I just feel the song should have ended around 4:30 or 4:40. I didn’t care for the “extra” stuff at the end.

The Leaders are Liars echoes my beliefs. And Chani’s vocals are absolutely incredible. She has one of the finest voices I have heard in a long, long time.

Track four, The Kind of Peace War Provides, keeps propelling me on my journey. It is a very good track. My only “issue” that I have is the distortion. I am sure I am just showing my age, but, to me, it makes my speakers sound like they are blown out instead of adding a positive feeling to the song.

Off to War keeps telling the truth of the times. I just wish it was a minute or so longer.

Sheep has the most honest lyrics on the disc. If I had any talent, it is exactly what I would have written. Since it affects me on a deeper level, I can ignore the distortion in the vocals. I just wish I didn’t have to. Sheep had the potential to be my favorite track on the disc.

Now, my new favorite song, Fight the Storm, is, sorry for the lack of descriptive language, absolutely amazing. It is absolutely amazing. And if I haven’t mentioned it yet, Fight the Storm is absolutely amazing. Chani’s voice is stunning! If I understand it correctly, this track started out as an instrumental. I am so glad it ended up the way it did. This song just transports me away from my tedious life and finishes sucking me into Politics Apocalypse’s world. It is a tremendous escape for me.

Now, revelation fascinates me. When I first heard it, I mentioned to Cliffe that it didn’t do anything for me. The more I listened, the more it spoke to me. This track has moved into my top 3 of the album. Again, it seems that the ones I really like are too short.

Track nine, DEUS CARITAS EST (God is Love), has a great sound. It has a good beat. I love the way the vocals change throughout the track. I think the message is a little different than that of the rest of the disc. It’s not that it’s a bad message, just different. And it prompted me to do some research (thanks Cliffe!).

Do Not Be Conformed is another track that I truly enjoy listening to. It has a very scattered but organized sound to it. Emotionally, it is very powerful. And, of course Chani makes it work with her “rap” in the middle of the track.

Realised Eschatology Part II - The Kingdom, the final track, wraps things up very nicely. I never asked Cliffe what this track meant to him, but I will tell you how I understand it. It seems that it is about the minor signs that the prophet Muhammad spoke of regarding “the signs of the Hour” where there are great liars and the worst of people are made into leaders. There is more to it than just that, but this is supposed to be a music review, not a religious class.

I am so glad that I purchased the actual CD. It has helped me move from entertainment and protest songs (the downloads) to actually following a story of where the world is headed. Even if you don’t care about political or religious messages, you should buy this disc for the great sound that it has.

I give it a 4 out of 5.


Politics Apocalypse album review by Laz

Hi Politics Apocalypse!
I think you guys have great potential!  I really like this album!
As a quick review from my first listen:
I thought Realized Eschatology Part I, and Part II needed some sort of dubbing on the backing 'Cello', it sounds noticeably looped, but I like the menacing vibe to it.  Drums and guitars are good.
Oppressed by the Authorities is a good track.  I noticed the Apocalyptic vibe in the album from this track onwards, and I like!
Leaders are Liars, I really like the way the solo-guitar plays over the top of the crunch background bass!  I see your Aussie roots in the guitars from 2:25 onwards!
Kind of peace war provides is GRIMY! I like it a lot! The looping string synth at the start when the crunch fades out is a bit artificial sounding, you should look at a different way of presenting, some distortion maybe? This is a really strong track, very hip-hoppy!!! When the guitar kicks in at 0:56....brilliant!
Off to war, disliked the use of the string synths again. The piano is good though. I think a bit of diversity in the instruments would benefit. Good drum beat, I like the little blips/distortions.
Sheep, I like the distortion and the drums on this! It reminds me of Marylyn Manson Very creative! You really are getting the Apocalyptic feel pinned down!
Fight the storm: Nice mellow track. Your female singer has a nice voice!
Revelation, ok instrumental track, didn't really go anywhere, good bass though, nasty sounding in a good way!
Deus Caritas Est, I'm a [Nine Inch Nails] fan, this reminds me of year zero with it's bleeps and bloops, pretty cool.
Do Not Be Conformed...Rocks! Best track in my opinion. I like the counter play between your male and female vocalist and the conform-reform.  The switch at 1:20 is AWESOME!
Overall, I think this is a pretty good album, I'd give it 3.5/5.

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Chani: vocals, lyrics